October 2, 2006

E-commerce Firewalls – A proper security design Whitepaper

blog.jpgThe purpose of this paper is to detail the design of a production firewall for an e-commerce company. Companies with websites and other public facing services do not take into account correct security practices for their network. It is important to understand the security needs of protecting their web site and other Internet facing computer systems.

A firewall is the focal point in network and system security. This paper will look at proper firewall standards and best practices, modeled after Cisco SAFE and CERT, for using a firewall in an e-commerce network. Proper DMZ design and the physical placement of the firewall will be discussed. Also, firewall security policy rules, and how best to configure them. Besides normal firewall design, this paper will list other ways to secure the firewall itself, with proper logging and daily backups of the configuration, security audits, and disabling unneeded settings.

This paper will give network administrators a proper guide to securing a network and the firewall.

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  1. bill said,

    October 2, 2006 @ 1:28 pm


    This is a great starting point for any small/medium business trying to figure out if they need a firewall, and what it will do for them. I plan to show this to some of my smaller customers to help prod them in the right direction. Thanks for the great work!


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