May 25, 2007

Web Proxies – Surf the Net Anonymously

Today we launched our own anonymous web proxy: Like most security tools, anonymous proxies are incredibly useful but also controversal. Web proxies mask your activities on the net in two ways: First, they allow you to access one web site through another, hiding you IP address from the target; Second, they encode the target URL hiding it from any local firewalls or proxies you might be sitting behind. They are great for pen testing where you want to hide your activities, especially if you want to mask your location. They are a nightmare if you are trying to manage a web filter and your users are able to bypass your filters.

Web Proxies are very popular among with students whose schools block access to MySpace and Facebook. We launched it because we needed a reliable proxy we control for testing. We debated whether it was wise to provide a public vehicle for bypassing someone else’s security controls, but felt in the end that adding one more proxy on the net will not increase the web’s threat profile. Our TOCs state that we will cooperate will law enforcement if we determine that our site is being used for nefarious purposes. Hopefully, that will be enough to scare away those who hide behind proxies to abuse the web.

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  1. John said,

    May 25, 2007 @ 3:05 am

    Best thing to use is GoTrusted They offer a Free 7 Day trial and the software is fast!

  2. Praveen said,

    June 1, 2007 @ 9:23 pm


    Can my administrator not track the website i visit if i log on to the site through

    I will feel much safer if the session from my browser to is over https.

    Please explain.


  3. bill said,

    June 1, 2007 @ 9:29 pm

    Your administrator will only see the connection to edgeproxy, not the site you visit through edgeproxy.

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